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Crack Injection Works

About Crack Injection Works

Roots Qatar W. L. L. is a full service professional Crack Injection contractor dedicated to preserving the life of your physical assets with high quality Injection materials and specialized Injection system.

  • Dry & Wet Crack Injection
  • Construction Joints
  • Injection works
  • Expansion Joint Injection Works
  • Tie Rods Injection Works
  • Concrete Repair Injection
  • Water Tank Injection
  • Soil Injection
  • Tunnel Injection

Pressurized injection is used exclusively for poured concrete foundations and structures. Pressurized injection involves either epoxy or polyurethane resin and is used for the repair and waterproofing of cracks, holes, or cavities in foundation walls, from inside the home almost exclusively. Pressurized injection especially, is a waterproofing method that requires technicians to possess considerable skill, experience and tenacity.

  1. Polymer Injection Grouts: – Polymer injection grouting is based on use of polymers such as polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, polyurethane and acrylic resins. The most popular polymer used for epoxy grout is epoxy. Polyurethane and acrylic resin based polymers are used for treatment of water retaining structure, underground structures as well as to prevent seepage of water.

  2. Fiber-reinforced injection grouting: – Fiber reinforced concrete is used for repair of concrete and masonry structural members. Fibers such as polypropylene, Steel or Glass fibers are used with Portland cement or shrinkage compensating mortar to repair and strengthening of structural members to provide improved flexural strength, impact resistance and ductility. Fiber reinforced injection grouts require skilled handling to avoid segregation of fibers.

  3. Cement – sand grouting: – Cement-sand grout is the most popular type of grout used for repair of concrete or masonry structure and is easily available. This grout is used for the places where strength enhancement of structure is not required. This method requires high water and cement contents for injection purpose. The use of cement-sand grouts results in shrinkage and cracking of grout at hardening and to minimize this, suitable shrinkage compensating agents are required. Use of cement-sand grouts is very common in masonry buildings, but not very common in concrete.

  4. Concrete Repair and Protection:- Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling.
Completed Projects
S.NoProject NameMain ContractorDescription Of Work
1Ain Khaled VillaProtective Trading & ContractingInjection
2Plot Fv9 at Entertainment CityAl Asmakh Contracting W.L.LInjection
3Commercial Building LusailAl Mana ServicesInjection
4Al Rayyan Swimming PoolsDanha Al-Khaleej Trading & Cont. CoInjection
5Commercial DevelopmentHighline Trading & ContractingInjection
6Shaft Injection and Leakage treatmentBin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
7Grouting At Micro Tunnel Shaft SW-GW-10Bin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
8Grouting At Microtunnel ShaftBin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
9New Orbital Project – NOH2.Bin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
10Salwa Beach ResortBin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
11Al Kheesa Project – Shaft # Y22-Bin Omran Trading & ContractingInjection
12Al Khor Expressway – Micro TunnelBoom General Contractors W.L.L.Injection
13Al Khufoos ProjectBoom General Contractors W.L.L.Injection
14Al Rayyan Road ProjectBoom General Contractors W.L.L.Injection
15Microtunnel At Al Rayyan ProjectBoom General Contractors W.L.L.Injection
16Micro Tunnel Al Khor Expressway ProjectBoom General Contractors W.L.L.Injection
17Doha Metro Phase 1 Systems, Rolling Stocks & Track WorkHBK Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
18Vendome Mall Project.CRC-DORRA GroupInjection
19Ain Sinan SubstationGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
20Conversion Of Existing Hangar D To Integrated Engine Workshop & StorageGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
21Keo Mainoffice BuildingGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
22Le Mirage DowntownGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
23Modification For Dusit Hotel West BayGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
24Umm Lokhba Commercial BankGulf Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
25Green Line UndergroundPORR – SBG – HBK Joint VentureInjection
26Dukhan Airbase Area 2500Gulf AsiaInjection
27Police College CampusHassanescoInjection
28Mega Reservoir At Umm SalalHBK Contracting W.L.L.Injection
29Mega Reservoir PRPSs (Package D), Rawdat RashedLEIGHTON CONTRACTING W.L.L.Injection
30Mekaines RPS & PipelinesLEIGHTON CONTRACTING W.L.L.Injection
31Microtunnelling At WukairInfraRoadInjection
32West Muaither Package 2 – DW002-P02InfraRoadInjection
33Health Care Centers Project – Maither and WajbaInternational Trading & Contracting CompanyInjection
34New Port Project – NPP0067International Trading & Contracting CompanyInjection
35Markhiya PalaceKBN HOLDINGInjection
36C4 BuildingKBN HOLDINGInjection
37Marsa Malaz Kempinski, the Pearl – DohaKempinskiInjection
38MJ 170-Apartment Building ‘D’ Ring RoadMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
39Apartment Building For Al Majed Group @ MansooraMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
40Doha South Sewage Treatment WorksMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
41Medgulf – Mj 166Medgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
42Qatar Financial CentreMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
43W Beach Restaurant Conversion At West BayMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
44W Hotel & Night ClubMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
45Aman Hospital Package 1-Main Works & Package 2 – FF&EMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
46Jaidah Farm HouseMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
47Gewan IslandNavayuga EngineeringInjection
48Residential Building at Abu HamoudNew Hazara Trading & Transportation Co. W.L.L.Injection
49NPP047 – Hamad New PortCDC/Boom JVInjection
50Umm Al Dome Project – Manhole InjectionPetroserv LimitedInjection
51Construction of Alar Waldorf HotelPORR Qatar Construction W.L.L.Injection
52Energy City LusailPROTRAK Trading and ContractingInjection
53Fifa readiness (FRP 7 Onaiza & Markhia).QBCInjection
54Gold Line MetroALYSJ-JInjection
55Tower at Pearl QatarRamaco Trading & Contracting Co. WLL.Injection
56Red Line South MetroFYAP-JVInjection
57Injection Grouting of micro tunnel shaft at Wukair AreaMedgulf Construction Co. W.L.L.Injection
58Satellite Contract ProjectMaha Al Khaleej Trading & Cont CoInjection
59Sidra Medical & Research CentreMIDMAC CCC JVInjection
60Sidra HospitalTDGISERVInjection
61Sanaiya Street No 1 – Pump Room & Tank areasTDGISERVInjection
62TDGISERV – Vip AreaTDGISERVInjection
63Green Line Metro StationsTeyseer Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L.Injection
64Micro Tunnel Injection Work @ WukairTunneling Professional CompanyInjection
65Barwa Family Housing & Labour Accommodation ProjectsUrbacon Trading & ContractingInjection
66Mega Reservoir PRPSs (Package D), Rawdat RashedLeighton Contracting W.L.L.Injection
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